Is "Hitler" still an active surname?

Just curious

BQ: wouldn’t it kind of suck to be saddled with that name?


You’re probably entirely correct, Jeff…but still, maybe there is a Hitler family out there, somewhere, in the back country….

Update :

Hi, I’m Billy-Bob Hitler, and this here’s my brother Darrel & my other brother Daryl, and my sister Larry….

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  • Yep…Apparently, Adolf is alive and well in Springfield, PA.

  • Source(s): Find Unknown Mobile

  • If I was saddled with Hitler as a surname luv I’d be straight down to the Births, Deaths and Marriages office to change it. That and Beiber.

  • I’m going with Nick and the White Pages on this one.I’m not casting doubt on the SSF T link but it would seem there are more Hitlers around.Some are bound to be obstinate and will want to keep their family name.

  • That family does have descendants

  • Apparently the surviving family members made a pact to not have children, thereby letting the name and bloodline die out.


  • I think its notorious enough that anyone with that name has long since changed it.

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