if i compress a video file then decompress it, will it lose any quality?

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  • Its not true, most compression scheme are lossy compression, where it discard off non essential information in order to achieve high compression ration. That means, there is a loss of information, a loss of quality.

    Common ones such as mpg, avi compression are all lossy compression. In fact, I haven’t come across any video compression that are lossless. Video compression is not meant to be lossless compression like WinRAR for example, where no data is lost.

    However, one of the best video compression schema right now is the h. If you want to generate content, you can use this.

    If you want to back up raw video, I suggest that you back them up the way it is without any compression

  • This is a safe link where you can download winrar for free here http://bit.ly/vnWkq

    You can use winrar to unzip zip files (or to open compressed folder). zip or winzip are other softwares you can use for the same purpose but winrar is by far the best one. All these programs work in a very similar way: you just have to right click the file to zip or unzip any folders or files.

    If you don’t want a trial version don’t worry. The trial period of winrar never ends so you can use it for free with no limitations.

    With WINRAR you will be able to open all the type of compressed folder like file .zip, .rar, .z, .zip .iso, .tar, .jar etc… that’s the main reason why I recommend it.

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  • More than likely it wouldn’t. If you want to test it just make a copy of the video and compress that and decompress it, see what happens.

  • It shouldn’t. I have compressed some videos before and they come out fine. Hope this helps!

  • So..

    get Winrar for free here http://j.mp/pPuRL

    Winrar is the best freee software to open all the files, it works with all the extension like .zip, .rar, .iso, .tar, .bz, .ace, .uue, .jar, .z, etc..

    I hope it helps

  • ofcourse not. you can use winrar to compress.

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