If I updated to Win can I completely erase/format my hard drive and reinstall Win again without any problems?

I recently updated my laptop from Vista bit Premium to Win bit Pro doing the clean install. However I noticed about GB hidden on my hard drive that I simply cannot pinpoint. Also I have an SSD and i am only getting an index score of ./.. So I have decided to reformat by hard drive/erase it. i was just making sure though that I can reinstall Win using the same serial key as I used the first time i installed it. I’ve never experienced an OS switch before and am ery new to it.

So can I use my old serial number to reinstall Win again, and will i have any problems wiping my hard drive clean??



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  • Windows doesn’t activate by default until three days after it’s been installed. If it hasn’t been three days you should be fine. If not you *might* have to call Microsoft and activate over the phone to explain why you’re reactivating so soon. Otherwise you should be just fine.

  • twin boot purely works in case you have area available to allocate to the nd OS. in case you purely have a unmarriedpersistent and the OS is on it you may no longer set up win with out dropping your documents. nicely technically you’re able to place in the OS, yet any application that saved documents interior the registry is in all probability no longer likely to artwork right. additionally, as before pronounced. win has a equipped in mechanism, that it’s going to immediately reboot your device each and every hours after a undeniable date, with out warning, that can reak havoc on your machines documents/OS. i does no longer do it if I have been you.

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