Why can’t I fit music on a blank cd?

I try to make music cds using windows media player – under mins – but it always says MAY NOT FIT and it doesnt burn it onto the cd…

I know with DVD recorders you can change the quality to make the capacity go from mins to mins. Can you do the same with music cds somehow??

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  • Sometimes it isn’t a function of time, but capacity of the file size.

    meg or meg, which can actually be overburned to megs about, but that would be some big files for a song.

    Use Nero, or something else, I never liked Windows for burning cds myself.

  • you may need disk to finish the job your cd only has so much space and if you try to put too many songs on it depending on their play time. sometimes you can fit alot and sometimes yo can;t just do whatever it say really

  • its most likely because u dont have enough room…try using more then one CD

  • See also  when using limewire some files come as wma instead of mp3 what"s the difference? and how can I use them?

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