If my school computers have full adobe apps can i get them on my home computer?

So at school, my school has adobe photoshop, dreamweaver, illustrator, premier pro etc. cs/ on PC’s and MAC’s. i would like to get them on my home computer without having to pay the full registration/activation fee. Is there any way i can copy the already-activated programs from my school’s PC to my PC at home?

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  • No, thats called piracy, and punishable by up to $, in fines per incidence.

    And from a technical standpoint, you need to install it using the installer… you can’t just copy files because the installer puts files all over the place, and makes registry entries.

    Finally, Adobe authenticates with it’s sever every few days, so it will know it is copied.

    It sounds like you may be eligible for a academic or educational license which is a lot cheaper… why don’t you get that?

  • No – there isn’t a way to do that.

    – even if you did “just copy them” – then they wouldn’t work on your home PC, anyway.

    – they have to be installed onto your home PC, to work.

    anyway, all of Adobe products are expensive, as they are propriety software.

    – which is what lead to the recent Senate inquiry into their products in Australia. ..

  • Yes you can either by asking if the school has a student discount or by pirating them. Other wise you will need to pay the full amount.

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