What should i learn next (Computers/Programming)?

Hello, i am a year old boy from england..

I have alot of spare time on my hands and i love to learn new stuff on the PC…this is what i have already learned..

HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, Mysql, fireworks, Flash and i have learnt Java.

The main thing i have been concentrateing on is Java, although ive learned quite alot on java although i am trying to make some basic d games on java however, there are no good free tutorials i can find and i cannot afford a book….


So, does anyone have any recomendations on somthing fun and cool i can learn on my Computer over next few days? i just want somthing cool and interesting to learn 😀


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  • Try your hand at Pacman or Tic Tac Toe.

    To do it in Java, you’ll want to learn how AWT and Swing Components work, how to override the paint, update and revalidate methods of Components, what double buffering and threading are.

    Second, you don’t always have to go for a new book :), computer programming is wonderful in that old books get cheap, really fast because they’re “obsolete”. Which means that % of the material in the new edition of that book is new, and % remained the same. I often order out of date books online for around . to pounds (or $ to $ USD) and most of the time you learn just as much from them as their newer counterparts.

  • Sure, I consider its a simply correct switch. Don’t feel dangerous that you simply have no idea what you wish to do, you are nonetheless younger. Finding out approximately computer systems is a very useful element in our society. Although you undoubtedly now not become a pc programmer or paintings in an IT department, there could also be a simply correct threat you’ll be able to be expected to make use of a laptop as facet of your task at a few factor for your life. You do not have got to be trained easy methods to program a difficult piece of application, nonetheless simply having a heritage capabilities of normal programming language and programming charter will help you fully grasp pc methods at a complete new degree, so that you could allow you to excel and do further with computer systems each and every at paintings and at apartment. Screw the inexperienced persons, take the category, do your quality and be trained what which you’ll be able to, and that i promise you the knowledge will are available priceless at some point for your existence.

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