In need of help writing a poem for a coach?

I have a judo coach that coached me or five years. it’s finally my sophomore year and this was his last season of coaching judo. my coach and I are very very very close. I have to write present a poem to him at our team banquet but I’m not so sure how to do it. need help with the poem. anyone??

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  • If you want a simple, light hearted type of poem, try using the “Wishing Well” poem type. It is often used for invitations etc. Here is one I wrote for Earth Day:

    http://voices. /a-wishing-well-poem-earth-…

  • Judo means “the gentle” way,

    the way that we should be;

    You taught me how the gentle way,

    is the way of life for me.

    You proved that every lock hold,

    can really take me down;

    You made your moves and taught me

    to fight without a frown.

    You gifted me with five years,

    Your coaching will go far;

    For you weren’t just a coach,

    My friend and joduka…

    Add on a bit…and make it yours…

    All the very best..

  • Must you compose an original poem?

    I suggest using a poem by Robert Frost or another popular poet.

    Perhaps you could use a poem by a Chinese or Japanese poet.

    Perhaps you could use a poem by a Korean poet.

    Source(s): I like Chinese poetry

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