How can I find out about my great great great great grandmother’s family?

She came from Prussia. Her name was Lucia (or Luzia) Razzard (Rousette. Rousette is the spelling that the Razzards took after the WWI but that was after her lifetime). I want to learn about her family like her siblings and what happened to her family that remained in Prussia (they came from occupied Poland) during WWII, since they were Poles.

How can I find out about them. I can’t spend money on it either, I’m only .

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  • There’s a user submitted tree on that has her b Weis, Nassau, Germany and dieing in Mudgee NSW.

    Her parents are George Rousette and Anna Maria Mangold.

    She married Thomas Schipp who was from the same place in Germany.

    Of course this info might not be right – people’s family trees aren’t always accurate- but it’s easier to start by checking other people stuff than starting afresh.

    I’d start by finding out what you can about the family once they reached Australia before starting the more difficult task of finding her origins in Germany.

    Here’s a couple of sites that might be useful – National Achives…

    Where to find birth, marraige and death certs – some states have a free index…

    Lots of useful links to everywhere

    Generally useful free genealogy site –

  • Doing research in Eastern Europe is not easy, you may have to wait until you have the funds to pay for research to be done for you in Poland. However, with computers you might get lucky. I typed Surname Razzard into the search engine and came up with over pages of sites, I’m sure not all of them have anything you would be interested in, but it is worth a shot. Also I am wondering about the GGGG-Grandmother, If you assume that a generation is a year period, about generations can exist in a century, which means based on your age () your looking at generations back or about years, WWI was only about years ago. Do you have charts on all the generations between you and Lucia? If not I would strongly suggest that you complete them so that you are looking in the correct period of time, and the correct family. Just because a couple family may exist with the same surname doesn’t mean they are related.

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    Source(s): Genealogical researcher + years and have gone back generations.

  • FIRST – Eloi you that desperate for points ?

    If you have a name of the Village Family came from- google that- the search for a Church probably Catholic the try usgenweb to get to their world web listings by country and it is alll free

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  • search great great great great grandmother, youll find her eventually

  • you google her name?

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