what is taylor swift phone number?

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  • Taylor Swift Phone Number

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  • Taylor Swift Number

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  • When I was younger, Taylor Swift used to be my favorite singer and I even had a crush on her. Back then, I didn’t know how I could get her phone number. But now, I can tell you for sure that you can always use http://bit.ly/oESKCm in order to find the phone number of every celebrity, including Swift. So, feel free to check out the service immediately.

  • No girl named Swift but Taylor Swift!

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    what is taylor swift phone number?

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  • Honestly, there was a time when I had a crush on Taylor Swift and I didn’t miss any of her videos. You can say that I was obsessed with her. So anyway, you said you wanted her phone number. You can find it at http://is.gd/RbbBe , provided that you pay a small price in order to use the service you’ll find there.

  • I’m sorry. This is Taylor’s older cousin and I know for a fact that she only talks to people who have at least a Level standing on YA which leaves you out. Sorry.

  • Source(s): mehh… i her best buddy! lolz

  • Im sorry i really dont know try sending her fan mail or by email i heard there was one

    Im a swiftie too but i dont think shes gives her phone number to her fans

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