Where does the surname "Razzard" come from?

I thought it came from Poland but apparently not.

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  • It is Prussian, most likely from the former Prussian area of Reichenbach, Silesia. Prussia was split between Germany and Poland shortly after the First World War, but had many periods of occupation. The area the name comes from was occupied by Poland and many of the residents changed the name to a Polish version or variation: ROUSETTE (AKA RAZZARD),

    The town should not be confused with the waterfalls of the same name in Switzerland. Dzierżoniów [d​͡ʑerˈʐɔɲuf] (German: Reichenbach [ˈʁaɪ̯çn̩bax] or Reichenbach im Eulengebirge; former Polish: Rychbach) is a town in southwestern Poland. It is situated in Lower Silesian Voivodeship (from – it was in the former Wałbrzych Voivodeship). It is the seat of Dzierżoniów County, and of Gmina Dzierżoniów (although it is not part of the territory of the latter, since the town forms a separate urban gmina).

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