How can I find my father without knowing his name?

I’m not adopted, and when I ask my mother about it, she always “forgets his name”. I don’t want to even bother asking her anymore. Is there anyway I can find out his name without her knowing? I’m and in the U.S.A. All I want is his name. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.


And from what i remember of my birth certificate, it has no name for a father

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  • If it says “Unknown” on your birth certificate and your mother won’t tell, you don’t have much of a chance. You might try looking yourself up in the “Vital Statistics” column of the local newspaper, on microfilm in the library. Births came out – days after the event, usually. Your grandparents might know.

    Stop and think, though; if your father was a fireman killed while pulling children out of a burning building three days before his planned wedding with your mother, his picture would be on the wall and the guys at the fire house would have helped raise you. There is something embarrassing, shameful or illegal about him. There are a lot of possibilities. The worst I can think of is she met him at a bar, he lied about his name and moved on the next day. He could have been rich and married, and paid her for her silence.

  • Check census records for your mothers name the year before you were born and a few years after

    in the place you know she was living and where you were born.

    Any friendly old relatives with the family bible ?

    A lot of times a child’s birth will be listed regardless of circumstances

    how about any of her old class mates ?

    you can get and need to have your own copy of bc

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  • Is it on your own birth cert? Have you tried asking your aunts, grandma or your mother’s old friends? Maybe she really doesn’t know his name and is too embarrassed to tell you?

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  • Check with town hall. Or maybe your mom really doesn’t know his name… like, not trying to be rude, but you could be the result of a one night stand.

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