Convict Descendants Day?

I seeking an opinion…

I wanted to apply as a direct descendant to a convict. It is a special event and only one person per family line can be picked to attend a ceremony. I am applying and so is my aunty. Do you think I would stand a better chance because I am only and she is ?

It was my idea.


It says one person per family line.

Me- dad- grandad- g/grandfather-g/g/grandfather ( convict).


Aunty ( my father’s siter) -dad- grandad-g/grandfather( convict)

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  • Let your aunt do it. You can do it next year, or after she dies. Age before beauty.

  • Not knowing what the selection criteria is it is hard to say, but your aunt might have the better chance as she is the nearer relation.

  • is there another family line

    because of her closer connection , she may be chosen

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