IPod Touch (home button) Help?


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    You can get it fixed for a mere $

    Source(s): iPod Touch G user

  • is the screen frozen? if it is hold down the power button and the home button for about seconds until the I-Pod shuts off completely, then try restarting it from there.

    if the I-Pod is only a few years old they should still be willing to replace it even thought the warrenty is up.

  • Mine has an extremely small quantity of “wiggle” to it, even though it is no longer some other thing beneficial than i might want to anticipate a button to have, and that i did not even observe it till I picked it up and checked after studying your question. no matter if to procure AppleCare or no longer you’ve nevertheless were given a a million year assure so if it wiggles more beneficial than you imagine it would want to take it decrease back and performance them check out it. %. up a reveal style if no longer some thing else and observe if it does it too.

  • Unless you get the button replaced don’t think there is anything else you can do.

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