Is Biton a Persian last name?


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  • Biton immigrants in the census and passenger lists were born in France, Scotland, Denmark, Russia and Lithuania.


  • Persians, like dodos, are extinct and have been for some time.

    I know that some Iraquis or Iranians or even Turks, Syrians, etc., claim to be Persians, but that is like Hitler claiming to be an Aryan.

    Persians never developed surnames; there was the dictator/emperor, soldiers, priests, and slaves. No need for surnames.

    In France, it meant button maker; in England it is a habitational name for one who lived in the town/settlement of Boyd. See:…

    Source(s): life; history; google for reference

  • Never heard of it!

    @nothing_ Persian are not extincted! they are in Iran! you’re sources are false. just look at Google translator and you’ll find Persian as a language!

  • no it isn’t

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