Is it normal to be very critical of your own works?

I was reading a short story I wrote in English a couple of days ago, and dear me, it read badly. To me, it was devoid of life, devoid of passion.

But, I was given it back today by my teacher, and she exclaimed that it was absolutely brilliant and she marked me the highest marks for some absurd reason.

Is it normal to be critical of your own works, so much so you can not bear to read them, but in reality they are extremely good?

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  • Certainly. I’ve had many published works and edited, tweaked, and rewrote them up to the deadline day. Once I saw them in print, I was amazed at how bad they were while others were bragging about them. You should never be satisfied with your work, on the other hand you need to be able to let it go when the time comes and vow to do better in the future. What joy would you get out of writing if everything you did was perfect from the beginning? I dare say that you would quickly grow bored of writing.

    There are many great writers in the world who will never see their work published. Most of them cannot finish a work. Others can never let it go.

  • I made the mistake of re-reading a story I wrote a year ago. I wanted to change every line. I feel like Raymond Carver, like everything I’ve written would benefit from a little tweak.

  • Everyone is their own worst critic.

    I’m very critical of my work, too, and I find I get praised on it by my teachers. (I find I’m especially critical when I’ve been away from the piece for a while and it’s not as close to my heart.)

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    The important thing is to write up to your own standards. Then you will be happy with it and, if it’s better than what you had before, others will still love it, too.

  • yeaaah, i used to be like that. still am, i suppose. i wrote a ”touching” story which i sort of mashed together at last minute, thinking it was absolute poppytosh but i got marked highest in class and was claimed the have a ”talent.”

    slowly, i’ve started to realise that i am. well. okay, suppose. i don’t think i’m good but, hey. i’m not that vain! XD

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