Is telling someone that their poetry is good when it isn’t really helpful…?


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  • Well, it depends!

    If it is a budding poet of some promise, one shouldn’t be too harsh. But if someone shows no signs of improvement and making same mistakes, repeatedly, then perhaps it’s time to be honest!!!

    A good critic is the one who backs up his/her claims with suggestions/observations, instead of just saying if something is good or bad.

    Opinions here are all subjective (with a few exceptions) and a lot depends on one’s personal preferences.

  • The questions should be “Is telling someone that their poetry is good when it isn’t really helpful, helpful…?”

    The answer is no. But the reason why or the reason why not is more important in a any opinion, let alone a poetry critique.

  • i do no longer advise to be rude, besides the indisputable fact that it takes a whilst to, you comprehend, get it. some human beings like poems with an excellent form of pictures they must pour over to get. yet I want poems I devoid of postpone comprehend and could get into. i could advise utilising purely some similes and metaphors in the beginning up, then flow on with the actual element and don’t beat around the bush. it is likewise a sprint depressing. yet you have capacity.

  • Not unless you suggest ways to improve. If they’re serious about poetry, they’ll gladly take any respectful suggestions. If they aren’t, they’re not worth wasting your time on.

  • Hardly, and any of us here for any length of time have seen that, perhaps more from “newbs”?

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    I prefer to have suggestions and corrections offered, or at the very least opinions that don’t come from point seekers. EX: OMG this is brilliant, you should publish.

    Of course there are respectful ways to say “It’s trash” but why answer then?

    I got an answer on a poem I posted and the person said, “It didn’t move me.” That was being honest but not at all offensive.

  • Lies are never helpful. But kindness and tact is. And telling someone that their poem is not good can be done by a wise person with out having mean and insulting results.

  • Having been a crap poet for sometime now I really feel ”it’s not’ It’s like holding up a ‘Stone’ and saying this ‘Stone’ Is soft when it’s not .. It destroys my ability to write Crap Poetry .

    So , No it’s not helpful .. Thank you good question

  • No but it is ok for courtship of new contact perspectives so that you can be ‘in the ranks’at YAPS. Worry about writing -and for that matter READING- poetry after you have it adequately secured.

  • No being cruel is never a good idea either, but honesty is best. Lies aren’t helpful.

  • There is something good in every effort. Start from there and then offer suggestions if you think they will be helpful. If not, I feel that it’s best not to say anything at all.

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