Is this poem to serious for part of a year assignment?

I have to write a poem and the topic was alienation and isolation of self for protection. The poem I wrote was:

I feel your presence, even though you’re not really here

I feel so empty, but what do I really fear?

You left all alone, to the other side

Now all I can do is lie here and cry

I feel so alone but don’t I want any help

The people, they laugh; they don’t ever stop

Those who surround me, feel nothing more than strangers

Because of your memory, I see them all as dangers

I’m so close to being free, no more worries, no more sorrows; I can finally be me

All it takes is one small move; could you do this for me?

Kick over the chair, watch me fall and let me be free

Is this too serious for a year poem assignment?


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  • Well, I don’t know what kind of poetry you were supposed to write, but I have trouble finding the metric and rhyming pattern.

    About the serious….is this something truly you feel and live? If it is not, then it is perfect!!!!!!!! 🙂 You surely wouldn’t want to freak the whole school out do you? 😉

    You have talent! Keep up the good work!

    Source(s): A poet girl myself.

  • As an assignment at that grade level, it is teen angst and cliché, but we aren’t the judges of your issues, or maturity level.

  • Yeah and get some help if you’re having suicidal thoughts.

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