links between the poem a woman to her lover and the merchant of venice?

for my exam I need to identify links between the poem ‘a woman to her lover’ and the play the merchant of venice by shakespeare, do you know any?

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  • Look at the scenes in which Portia’s three suitors choose among the three caskets–and think about the messages on those caskets. The first suitor, in particular, seems drawn to Portia for physical or material reasons–reasons that the speaker in the poem vehemently rejects. The second one has a dangerously high opinion of himself, an dI think you can find hints of that attitude in the poem, too. Finally, Bassanio chooses the right box because he is willing to “give and hazard all he hath”–an attitude closer to the one described in the final stanza. Evidently he doesn’t want to possess or subdue Portia or even to worship her–he simply loves her. (There are some lines in the play that make one wonder, but we seem meant to see their relationship as true love.)

    Source(s): Taught this play many times.

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