Name of the French cheese recipe?

I ate French cheese recipe two weeks ago in France. Idea is that special kind of cheese in in wooden box and it’s put in to the oven. When cheese has melted it is brought to table and it everybody can fetch melted cheese on his plate (on the potatoes etc..) with spoon.

Now I am interested in the name of this cheese (quite soft) or recipe. I know it is seasonal food and it is eaten about this time in every year before Christmas.


…and no. It’s not swizz Raclette which is totally diffirent thing. This comes in one box and is melted in oven. Raclette cheese dos not stay in “liquid form” very long, but this cheese does.

Update :

Thank you all!

I found the answer myself. It’s “Vacherin Mont d’Or”…

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  • I believe you are describing raclette. It is a method of cooking. The cheese is also called swiss raclette.

  • Camembert ?


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