Opinions on my rather strange girl names…?

Okay, i figure i’d run this across you all. I am into not so common names. But i try not to go overboard. I am having my first girl, and can’t find the “just right” name. I have two boys with irish names (quinn and aiden) and would like an irish girls name, but it doesnt have to be. Also, my dads name is Michael, and i had thought about naming my daugther after him, spelled Mychael…thoughts??? Too much teasing??

I also considered Nevin (irish), Brannaugh (irish) or Makayleigh. Or any ideas would be great! Thanks a bunch!!


for the first poster, my son with the “strange” name skipped Kindergarten. You were saying????

And I know what it is like to have a sing-song name, mine was crazy, but you know what I was always remembered (my first and last name were almost the same)

Thank you all for the input!! I would love to name her after my father. Oh, and the reason for they long “leigh” in Makayleigh is for my niece who passed away from SIDS, her name was Molleigh. I thought i would carry the “leigh” on!!

Update 2:

THANKS again to everyone, you guys have helped me a bunch!! I think it is down to Makayleigh or Mychael….or maybe Makayleigh Mychael!!!

Now i just have to convince the hubby!

Thanks again everyone!!

Update 3:

Oh, yes my sister would be fine with me using “leigh” at the end of the name. It was actually my fathers idea to use the name Kayleigh, i just liked makayleigh. She ended up naming he next daughter Malayleigh…now there is a mouthful!!


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  • I really like Makayleigh.

    It has a pretty, and soft sound too it. Plus it is after a wonderful little girl. I think it would mean alot for the name to be passed on like that. Plus it is a great rememberance to the little one lost. Then there is a story to tell of why her name is different.

    Cute! Cute! Cute! All the names are!


  • I have a boys name and hated it growing up. Now I love it and if I ever have a girl, want to name her a boys name. So go for it. Just remember the teasing. I really like Makayleigh. and its along the lines of Mychael. I love the name Riley but I’m not sure if you are going the route of more common names. Good luck and congrats!

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  • I love the name Makayleigh, its very pretty and I also like mychael, but i think mykel will go over better. Maybe name her mykel leigh and have them as her first names, its not umcommon to have 2 first ones or combine them. I love the name Aiden…Aiden Patrick is the name of my son.

    Also when i was pregnant with my daughter I had a name picked out that I loved and when i seen her it just wasnt her. So maybe it might be best to wait until shes born to name her. Good luck and God bless


  • It’s probably a little late but I like the name Makayleigh Mychael…But I’m not sure I would spell it that way.

    Congratulations and Good Luck


  • Wow, those names are not my style. Makayleigh is trendy and made up sounding. Mychael is a boys name. Brannaugh is too odd, Nevin is masculine. I like Quinn and Aiden a lot, how about Erin, Coleen, or Alice for an Irish name? For more unusual, how about Carys?


  • I like Makayleigh unique without being strange. Have you thought of Mycheala – (Michaela, Makayla)?

    I think I like Makayleigh Brielle

    You can also use Leigh as a middle name for remembrance. I named my son Richard Alexander for my nephew Alexander that was still born. Have you talked to Leigh’s parents about this though? It might end up a painful reminder of yours living and theirs not.


  • I like Makayleigh and Nevin. Maybe one can be the first name and the other or others can be the middle name(s). There is no rule that says you can’r have to middle names. So maybe: Makayleigh Brannaugh Nevin (last name) ,

    Makayleigh Nevin Brannaugh (last name)


  • What about Maeve, Deirdre, Niamh, Alana, Aisling, Clodagh?

    I think Mychael would cause teasing, maybe you could use it for a middle name. Nevin is also nice but sounds boyish to me. A variation of Brannaugh is Bronagh.

    Love the 2 names you gave your sons.

    Good luck choosing.


  • mychael sounds unique and. Unlike Nevin, brannaugh, and Makayleigh.


  • Oh, I LOVE Makayleigh!!! OMG that is pretty. Mychael is becoming common for a girl, so don’t think she will be teased.


  • I like Makayleigh but here’s another suggestion

    Niamh Gaelic: ‘bright’, Princess of the land of Promise who left with Ossian for the Otherworld

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    Source(s): http://www.ireland-information.com/heraldichall/ir…10

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