Should I sell my 7 year old son's leg braces to help pay for my nose job?

Really, he hardly ever wears them. I don’t like to make him wear them because then he starts complaining, and god knows there is nothing worse than a whiney kid. He is supposed to wear them because his feet turn inward, but he can still walk, so it’s not a big deal.

The doctor said that if he doesn’t wear them, he’ll probably have to have surgery, but really, if I could just get the surgery and have it be over in one day, that would be a lot better than him complaining about wearing leg braces for a couple of years.

Plus, I think with the nose job, I’ll be able to feel alot better about myself, so I probably won’t lose my temper with him as much.

What should I do? I’m sort of confused right now.


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  • Of course you should.

    Your kid is always whining about something, and I think this would teach him a proper lesson for once. Besides that, you know how many times I’ve told you how much better you would look with a nose job. It’s not that I don’t find you sexy now, but that would make you irresistible so long as you don’t go the Michael Jackson route. I don’t want you wearing a removable nose to bed.

    As far as little Henry goes (that’s his name right? I can’t ever remember it…), that surgery can be done in a few years and with those extra funds you have coming in from your night job, you should be able to cover it by then.


  • No, & you should make him wear the brace. I know he doesn’t want to, but would you rather pay for his surgery? Don’t be irresponsible, it’s for his own good. Maybe give him a treat for every day he wears the brace. If your really serious about getting your nose job, is there not anything else you could sell on the buy & sell. Maybe you could ask for more hours at work or do an extra shift or something.



  • I understand being a parent is hard and unfortunately I cant say I know how it feels. But I don’t think you would be able to live with yourself after wards, ok you’d have a new nose but you don’t need one. Why cant you be happy with what god gave you? There are people who look really awful but they don’t all go get surgery! and you don’t even need a nose job. I think you should not sell your son’s leg braces under any circumstances.

    You should spend more time with him, trying to help him overcome the problems he has with wearing his braces and less time look at your nose.


  • 1. A better nose really will not do much to improve that face.

    2. Your son probably could not hate you anymore than he does right now even if he does become totally crippled and/or have to endure painful surgery. Just give him a better reason to hate you.

    So in other words it could go either way, you will still be ugly, so what is the point?

    He hates you anyway.

    Who cares, you already ruined his life by being such a bad parent!

    Source(s): A paper bag for your head would be cheaper and more effective.10

  • My children? They both had someone to pick up after them and now they leave everything as it falls… I think my daughter is a little better. That pair have had everything handed to them – more overseas trips than I’ve had – and I’m not sure they were done a favour – both need to get their priorities right and get their own homes instead of waiting on Mum and Dad to cark it…their grandparents lived to be nearly 1 on their mother’s side….


  • I think you should keep them and have the runt brat beg for money. You will get more then enough for a nose job, boob job and get a sweet car out of the deal. Add a sad looking dog standing next to him….girl you will be rolling in the green.

    Think about the big picture!


  • Well I think your a terrible mom. I could see if it was for something really life threatening like a boob job, or a trip with friends to Hawaii. You should be ashamed of yourself, making your son live with a mother that has not had her nose work done way before now. I only pray to God that he is able to face the other kids in school this fall knowing how you need this important surgery, and his stupid legs are keeping you from it.


  • Sure! Pretty people make more money, it’s a scientific fact! you can get the nose job today and a better job tomorrow and pay for the surgery he needs or get him some new braces

    or you can always sell the wee little brat on craigslist, I hear the gypsies are buying this time of year.


  • If he wants braces shouldn’t he get a job to pay for them?

    Their yours by right -if you hadn’t ruined your figure giving birth to him he never would have needed braces(duh) so never would have even had any.

    So taking them is restoring the natural balance of life – as is your nose job.He’ll thank you for it someday – like after your 6th or 7th husband.


  • Wait till Winter when the grass stops growing to the surgery doesn’t interfere with his grass mowing duties.

    The kids blessed having such a thoughtful and soon to be more beautiful mother.


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