poetry any good. plz plz plz plz be honest?

well here is my poem.. i just want to know if it makes sence to any of u 🙂

Look I know your just lying

and frankly I somethimes hope I could be flying

so I could fly above your head and hit you with a stick

and dont even exagerate cuz ill be fed

and then ill flick

you on the head

and make you make your bed

like really stop ******* around

clean up your act

and grow up

for once just once

cuz then wath after months

are gunna pass

and you know no one is gunna last after

finding out what had happened was

their the cause of how those months were made.

🙂 thanks guys

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  • I really hope I can help, I am not the best when it comes to “analyzing” poetry and such, but I will try to help.

    I think that you have a good meaning, but to me, the wording is a little to generic and bland. If you could swap in some synonyms, and maybe mix around the beginning. The third line to the seventh line seem a little odd. I hope I was able to help, I am not the best with poetry, but i really want to help anyone I can out if I am at least somewhat capable…

    Source(s): AP English class…but a little tired so not to sharp at all…and poetry is one thing I want to be good at, but am not at the moment.

  • It’s juvenile and weak. No, haha it’s actually pretty funny, it needs a better wording, though.

  • Good


    Source(s): i dont geddit

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