Should the twilight books be banned?

could you tell weather or not you want the books banned or not, and why. could you please answer..?


When i mean banned i mean from schools

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  • No. Books should not be banned. It is the responsibility of each individual to read critically. We have has these arguments for ages and stifling free thought does nothing. If you want to live in a rigid society, research life in Afghanistan under the Taliban. What you are suggesting would be an end to the st amendment to the US Constitution. I understand this is not necessarily an expression of your personal opinion but a rhetorical question. Best wishes.

  • Where do you want to ban them from? If they were being used in school as an example of great literature, I would say yes, ban them as a school text, I personally don’t think they are part of classic literature. But they are part of popular culture for many people at the moment

    But banning them all together? There are a lot more controversial writings I would worry about banning before banning Twilight. Just because you might not like them, or are sick of hearing about them, doesn’t make them “bannable”.

    There’s a little thing (at least in the USA called Freedom of Speech. People can choose whether or not they want to read anything, so no, I don’t think they should be banned.

  • I don’t think any books should be banned, but if you are going to ban books it should be books that are horrifically damaging to society. The Twilight books are not damaging; they are good stories that are entertaining.

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    Anytime there is a book series with vampires, magic, or the occult, someone wants to ban it, but I don’t think there is anything wrong with a story that includes those elements. Humans have always had a fascination with the “dark side,” and I think it is OK for people to read about it.

  • Banning books…there is not sensible reason for book banning, it would be way to Farenheit . Only a fascist would consider such an action. I wish we could ban people who would considering book banning even an option, from any library, besides, those book are written specifically for teens.

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  • There is no ethical reason to ban this book series. It promotes sex after marriage! There is not vulgar language every other word. And besides all of this, it’s a very enjoyable series for people who like these types of books. AND I totally would NOT want them banned. They rock.

  • I do not think that they should be included in any teacher’s curriculum, nor are they valid books to use in classroom assignments. (Unless it’s a psychology class, I can see an argument to be made there.) However, if kids are reading on their own free time, I’m not going to be the one to take their books away. At least they’re reading.

  • No book should be banned, regardless of what it contains.

  • I Don’t know how it got published, but no it shouldn’t be banned

  • YES! The twilight books NEED to be banned! And not just in schools, they should be banned in the whole WORLD!

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  • Beside the obsession I experienced, they are still books and learnt alot of useful and eduational things about english writing from them.

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