Problem Definition Statement, Pseudo Code?

. To come up with a problem definition, write up some sample questions you would ask the president of Java Airlines to better help what they would like their software to do. Be Creative in your questions!

. Write up a mock Problem Definition Statement to summarize what you think the Java Airline

Using your Problem Definition Statement from step for our Java Airlines case study outline the functionality of the software you plan to develop using pseudo code.

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  • Java Airlines – we want some software.

    Is this a front-end booking application? Or a backend application. Does it do accounting? Does it schedule airline resources? (planes, pilots, routes, etc.) Is the public going to access it via web browser? How about mobile access (phone, tablets)? Does it include other rd party vendors (maintainance, food orders, etc.) Does it need to track customers (CRM – customer relationship management). Does it need to track employees (HR)? How about Payroll, employee on-boarding, or other HR functions? Does it need to track consultants for the airline?

    You haven’t given much to go on, anyway. Think about the above. Once you get a scope, then get on the Problem Definition Statement.

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