What kinda amp/s do i need for 4 JBL 6×9 330 watt three ways, and 2 4000 watt dual voice coil JBL subs?

✅ Answers ? Best Answer First of all, those peak power ratings are completely meaningless. I assume you’re talking about the w12GTi-MKII which are 7w rms subs — my guess is they are conservatively rated — you could probably give them 9-10 each w/o any problems. And the three-way p963’s are 110w rms each. You … Read more

Blowing fuses on my amp?

I have a 12inch kenwood with a 2w mtx mono amp. Everything was bumping fine. It literally went from boom to nothing when i changed songs on my CD player. I’ve rewired my head unit. Then I unplugged my sub speaker wire, and the audio cables from my head unit to the amp. The only … Read more

How do i add an amp for a sub to a stereo with a preamp…the car is a 2003 crown vic,stock stereo w/cd change?

23 crown vic,ford, am/fm cd/cassette witha 6 cd changer ✅ Answers ? Best Answer Factory radios don’t have pre-outs, so you will need anything from a amp with high level input, or a line out converter ( the cheapest way) up to a signal processor, which can get up to hundreds of dollars.. Good Luck!