What are the names of these dance skills?

I recognize fouttes and the straight leap but do you recognize any of the others so i can search it up and youtube and learn them? I’m suppose to learn the dance.

Its in the video, its amazing


thanks so much!

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  • AT:

    :- fan kick

    :- grand jete

    :- fan kick

    : to :- kind of an extension to arabesque to tilt

    :- pencil turns

    :- calypso on floor

    :- tilt to arabesque

    :- fouettes

    :- switch cartwheel

    : to :- kind of a heel stretch to scorpion

    :- stag leap

    :- calypso jump

    : tilt jump


    lol i hope i helped! i might no some more of the dance moves but i cant think of them right off the top of me head.

    a good Youtube channel to learn these moves is KBMTALENT

    the do new tricks every Thursday (Trick Tip Thursday)

    The link for the channel is below

    Source(s): http://www.youtube.com/user/KBMTALENT?feature=watc…

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