What can you C/C on (blue window) composed by the Greek?

blue window

Night’s acquired perfection and winds shout

– outside your blue window alone I stood,

my mind yielded to null – and crossed to doubt

– broken airplane model from balsa wood.

Foolish the daughters of the gusts – (some thought!),

came to escort sky’s sovereign tears – clouds shed,

you fled above; sepia contrast – and naught,

in air the photograph adheres – my wed.

How the black vastness chose to die – (my soul!)

and in that dream I kissed your palms – and crave,

soul’s longitudes that sing and lie – stand tall,

deep burns this solitude’s realms – engrave.

In air suspending a newspaper folds

remote’s her dance and vain message renders,

her insignificance my spirit holds,

before the blue window my thoughts menders.

© –, G. V., All Rights Reserved


( J’enseigne quand je suis dans l’humeur )


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  • You’ve posted this poem before.

    I wouldn’t use parentheses in a poem.

    This poem gives me images of a newspaper page blowing around slowly on an old-fashioned narrow cobblestone street between rows of old apartment buildings.

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