what does spyware mean?

hey guys when ever i do a virus scan something called spyware comes up i know its a virus but i dont exactly know what it does to your computer does it let people see what your doing and let them control your computer when your on or what?


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  • It depends on the spyware you have, but it can be very dangerous especially for your credit card number and other paswords.

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  • secret agent ware is a sort of malware it is put in on computers and collects little bits of tips at a time approximately shoppers without their know-how. The presence of secret agent ware is typically hidden from the consumer, and could be complicated to discover. often, secret agent ware is secretly put in on the consumer’s laptop laptop. each so often, however, spywares which includes keyloggers are put in by capacity of the owner of a shared, company, or public laptop on purpose with the intention to secretly computer screen different shoppers.


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  • Yes it means exactly that.

    Someone other than you, can see everything you are doing. The things you type, the Websites you go to, etc…

    It is like having someone looking at your computer screen as you use your computer.


  • it looks at your credit card number and expiry date, your bank account number, transaction your passwords to operate the accounts and then smart allec hacks your bank account and transfers the money in his account and walks away


  • It means you lost.

    Also, the game.


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