what is it when you study how people act and respond to scenarios or other people and thier social reactions?

finding out courses to do for credits but in the pursuit of a picking a carrier; i definately want to do something like this BUT there is a teeny-tiny problem…i have no idea what this is… yea total idiot but could someone help me out? also collages that could help a person pursue this type of thing i believed this was behavioral psychology but im no longer sure.

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  • Yes, it could be psychology, or on a personal level, social work or counseling. However, if you really want to do it on a broad scale, you could do sociology. But honestly, pretty much all humanities do this to some extent, because it’s well… humanities. So, I would say that you would like to study something in the humanities, however, how you want to do that is different or each major. For example, you do that in Political Science and History, although, obviously, the specific aspects of what people are acting and responding to are different. So to narrow it down, I’d choose one that could enable you to get a job you could in enjoy once your out. For example you might like studying Behavioral Psychology, but never wanted to do lab research and really just wanted to use the information for business marketing. Regardless, the studying part is really short term, but the job and career are long term -so definitely go with long term or else you’ll probably have to get another degree. So in thinking of terms of career, ask not, “what do you want to do as a job,” but rather, “how do you engage with the world, and what career will best allow you to do that.”

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