Which poem sounds nice?


Instilled in my heart, mighty vigor

Noble and true, mighty vigor

Upon my cheek, sole drop of tear

One and only, last drop of tear.


A simple part

Thats from the heart

May seem so small

But is so tall

Just like the tear

Thats on your cheek

One simple tear

I hear so clear

Which poem sounds nice? or ?

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  • I like the second one better!!! It is more refined I think. Your work is pretty 😉 The only thing weird is that is goes rhyming very prettily and then “cheek” all alone?! Well I quite did not understand that but it is the only defect I could find to it 🙂

    Source(s): I am a poet girl myself!

  • I like number . I don’t feel the repetition works well enough in number . You need to add an apostrophe in thats like this: that’s. Also think that the last line should be I see so clear because you cannot hear a tear. I like your work. Keep writing.

    Source(s): I am a poet and I have taught poetry.

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