what is the meaning of the RSS ? & what is the use of RSS explain the rss fid?

what is the meaning of the RSS ?

& what is the use of RSS explain the rss fid

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  • RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication.

    RSS is a standard format for syndicating content on the Internet. The content can be anything!

    Users can choose which feeds they wish to subscribe to, if at any point they are unhapy with the content contained in the RSS feed they simply unsubscribe and no longer receive feed updates.

    RSS feeds are usually signalled by a small orange icon or if you are using Firefox and the website has an RSS feed available an icon will appear in the URL box. You can click the icon to see the contents of the RSS feed.

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  • somewhat ordinary Syndication–using a information aggregator (one in all that is equipped into some more recent information superhighway browsers) you could actual have information despatched to you about topics that pastime you maximum. Have a favourite activities crew? RSS will deliver you the hot information through the undeniable fact that is released. Have a weblog you pick to study? RSS helps you to have the hot weblog get appropriate of entry to despatched to you once the blogger posts it. i exploit all of it the time and prefer it. My aggregator sits on my personal computer and extremely inconspicuously runs each and every of the time and pops up (not in an stressful way) at the same time as information comes out.

  • RSS Full form is ‘Really Simple Syndication’

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    it Normally used on blogs,websites to submit you blog stories with different social site or else..if you have a blog and have a Rss feed you can automatically shere your web content with facebook,twitter and lots of different site.

    i gave you a simple answer but it used on almost everything.

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