what type of jobs are there in book publishing?

i love to read and i’m at a point where everyone expects me to know what i want to do and i thought publishing would be good but what kind of jobs are there? (mainly ones that invole reading) and would i have to do a bussiness a level?

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  • I’m a former computer programmer who now works as a freelance copyeditor, proofreader, and indexer for publishing companies and individual authors. After about years of that experience I did recently get offered a job as an editor with a startup publishing company. After some thought I turned it down, somewhat reluctantly, but in any case, there’s one example of a career trajectory in the biz. May not be typical, but it’s what I’ve experienced.

    I would think that some business-related education surely couldn’t hurt, especially in these days when the industry is changing so rapidly.

  • The ideal job would be an editor, but it’s unrealistic to expect a house, especially a major one, would hire anyone without significant experience. I’d think it best to either make written inquiries for appointments and start out working with an editor, although those posts are coveted too.

    There are always jobs i accounting, marketing, HR and so on in the bigger houses.

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