What’s the origin of the Arabian folk dance that called (Dabka)?

I’m just wondering because somebody told me it’s from Levant, but if we really think in this…, the music of Levant is naturally from Iraq and they have no such music that is suitable for Dabka, so i think that Dabka is absolutely NOT from Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, nor Palestine, maybe Iraqi?! if you check out on Wikipedia you’d find that it’s from Levant and i don’t trust Wikipedia because it contains sources that everybody can edit and as long as there are only few Iraqi sites, everyone can hoax as he likes and put in Wikipedia, i lived for six months in Iraq and there were Dabka everywhere and how Wikipedia say that Dabka is popular among Assyrians only?!!, if you listened to the Syrian music which they use for dancing, you’d tell that it’s Iraqi folkloric music from southern Nineveh, Anbar, Eastern Salah El-Dean and that’s why Syrians use they Iraqi Maqam and they don’t have something of music that it’s really from their own work!. So what do you know about Dabka?


Oh!, i forgot to tell you that they widely use the Iraqi dialect songs like, Moleitein, Bein Elasr W Elmaghreb and many more…

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  • im syrian and i hate dabka and i think its from lebanon because its gay.

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