When two heels rassle,who is the live crowd suppose to cheer for (+BQ)?

BQ: If they cheer for a heel,wouldn’t that turn them face?


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  • the better worker or the one with the better personality. case at point nobody will give a damn if Ryback vs Fandango happened….people would just change the channel.


  • The line between face and heel has blurred since the attitude era. The fans usually just root for whoever they like in a match, and that may not necessarily be because they are a face. That’s why Cena usually gets booed, and guys like Punk and Ziggler often get cheers no matter what they do. That’s why matches between guys like Jericho and Ziggler, or Bryan and Punk worked when they were both heels, because the fans liked one guy or the other, and didn’t care who was a heel.

    Same goes for the BQ. The only person making anyone a face or heel is the one writing the script. It’s pretty rare nowadays for WWE to change someone’s character just because they aren’t getting the expected level of cheers or boos. It’s usually only when a guy doesn’t get a crowd reaction at all that they take crowd reaction into consideration.

    For example, if you want Cena to turn heel or just go away, the best way to do it is not to boo him, but to sit there stone faced. If 30,0 people did that every time he came out, WWE would do anything they could to change that as soon as possible. As it is now, they’re happy just getting 30,0 people riled up when he appears, regardless of whether they cheer or boo him.

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  • Usually they have 1 of the workers wrestler with more heel tendencies then the other. Typically whoever is more established as a heel and is positioned higher on the card is the one who stays more heelish during the match. An example of fighting like a heel would be choking more, using the ropes when the ref isn’t looking, fighting with the ref, distracting the ref so their manager can interfere.

    BQ Usually in the WWE they have the person who is less of a draw work more like a face in a match between 2 heels. They want their top heels to be boo’ed the most. A good example of this was just this week on Raw Big E Langston fought Jack Swagger. Since Swagger is a main eventer right now in the title picture they want him to get boo’ed more so he fought dirtier then Langston did to get more heat.


  • The One with more badass and cocky gimmick.

    BQ: No, Is Dolph a face now? People will cheer him on no matter what(as long as he stays heel) he keeps doing bad things but people do love him. So he should be heel for some more time.


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