Where did your ancestors come from?

I am a New Zealander of Scottish Decent, I am only a little fella ;'” but when the Pipes do play I become ‘ tall and bullet proof


In my family ( Kids) the two oldest boys are ” AND ‘” so that makes me only average. On Mums side there is a family of boys who range from ;'” to ‘” so I am not the tallest guy around here

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Aye the Pipes be Grand,My fav , apart from Battle tunes, is Amazing Grace with the Pipes of course

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Aye we do have a lot in common

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A,manda K

That is impressive, Be Proud

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No Scots blood, never mind you have the Irish and they are the Scots Celtic brothers. They both fight well, esp together

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Shirley T

I have always found the Pure Bred Mutts tend to be the best

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  • I have ancestry that goes back to the first permanent English settlement in the Americas,Jamestown, Virginia.

    I have ancestors that came from Ireland both orange and green. I have ancestors that came from Scotland. I have ancestors that came from Prussian Poland. I have ancestors that were Alsatian German. I had a French Huguenot ancestor that landed in Virginia about .

    I have ancestors that some say crossed an ice bridge from East Asia many thousands of years ago and were on the American continent to greet the Vikings, the Spanish, the English, the French and even St. Brendan.

    Even before some of my ancestors came from Ireland, there was a marriage that brought in Spanish, Italian and Austrian to mix in with my Irish ancestors.

    I am a Pedigree American Mutt.

    Ireland has lots of great music. I have lots of Irish folk music but Ohhhh, if they only had something like “Scotland the Brave.”

  • North American. My Dutch and French Protestant lines are from the ‘s New Amsterdam, Swiss and more Dutch in the ‘s, plenty of Brits along the way. The Irish Catholic and French Catholic are buried in the back of the closet along with the rest of the skeletons.

    My Presbyterian Scottish lines fought the Siege of Londonderry (that was a hideous affair) and came to the Americas in the s. They had no fear of warfare or mischief, and proceeded to overthrow English rule in the American Revolt. They loved dumping tea overboard.

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    I’m a simple ‘”, but when I drink a quality Single Malt Scotch I become ‘ tall and bullet proof. (Do your ears a favor, bro, and don’t let me near those pipes!)

    –named for a Scottish King, incidentally—

  • From the Clan Rose whose ancestral home was the area around Inverness I’m a right old Highland rogue.

    I can play the bagpipes and swing a claymore used to do the highland fling

    My ancesters fought along side Prince Charlie in .but we did not swing the claymore hard enough and the English gave us a beating and only ‘& a /’

    Have you ever heard The Dark Island played on the pipes it. great Mate

  • My great grandparents were born in the following countries:

    from Italy, from Ireland, from Norway and from Canada. So I am a rd generation American!

    And while I have no Scots blood, I get goose bumps and my eyes tear whenever I hear bagpipes. They haunt me in an awesome way..

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  • I have a little German, Irish, English, Polish and Dutch in my American body. I have red hair (mostly blonde now from the hot Florida sun) and the fair skin of the Irish. I have the temper of the Germans and the love of peace of the Dutch. The only Polish in me, is not real noticable. Most times, I admit to being mostly Mutt!

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  • English, Irish. Scottish, Welsh, Danish…. makes me a bit of a Mutt!!

    but I’m % Aussie!!

    P.S. You can get bagpipes cheap on dealsdirect.com.au

  • Portugal

  • Scottish: habitational name from any of the various places, as for example Drymen near Stirling and Drummond (Castle) in Perthshire

  • That is quite a funny description of yourself ! ‘” is tall isn’t it?

    But seriously I can relate to what you are saying , I am Aboriginal with a Scottish background and love the bagpipes, they sound so… sort of familiar !

    – wow that’s awesome, you have a tall family !

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  • Mostly Germans and some Norwegians, but % American!

    I think we both have our English-language heritage in common. We all have a common heritage, I like to think.

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