Which language should i prefer for dynamic website Java Script or PHP..?

Both the Java Script and PHP are now days very largely used in Designing of Dynamic websites and both really does have their own advantage. But what make different from other…???

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  • You need them both. Javascript runs in browser on the client pc. Php runs on the webserver. On modern websites they talk to each other using a scheme known as AJAX.

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  • JavaScript runs on the client (i.e., in your browser). PHP runs on the server. The easiest to learn would probably be PHP as it has no predefined objects. I would recommend learn them both.They’re both very good at different things. PHP and JavaScript serve different purposes.

  • In my opinion, PHP is the best language.

  • definitely PHP and fb too use php

  • Go for both, you need them.

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  • u need both languages….

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