Which solo song should I use?

I’ve been dancing at my studio for years, and our annual recital is in a couple months. I’m stuck between “I’m Not Perfect” by Lori Martini” and “Can’t Stay Here” by Jenn Grinels. This is the last time I get to dance in this recital, and I want it to be memorable. Which song would be best?? PLEASE answer.

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  • “Can’t Stay Here” would seem more appropriate as a senior solo to me because it’s more of a goodbye dance. Like-it’s sending the message that you can’t stay at your studio forever.

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  • Each song is really good.You can do either one and you will probably do really good. If I were you I would go with “I’m Not Perfect” because really everyone is really not perfect, nobody is so that song can be good. And its a easy song to sing or dance whatever your doing. 🙂

  • Go with I’m Not Perfect!

  • I’m not perfect (: I love that and Kimmy did it

  • im not perfect!

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