who can i get to read my stories?

i like writing a lot, but i dont have many people to read my stuff. my best friend is dyslexic so can’t read very well. my teachers rarely have time. i don’t really feel comfortable with my parents reading some of it because of some of the content (nothing too bad in any respect, but still) and i’m not sure about sending anything online. what should i do?

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  • You need to join a critiquing club. Each club has their own rules but generally, you either are assigned a critiquing partner or you do a group thing where you have to critique five works for every one you submit. That way, in theory, you’ll get five critiques back and can go over the consensus of problems. My favorite site is critters.org. You have to feel published ready before you submit and the wait is like three or four weeks, BUT you get over twenty critiques for everything you submit and you can really delve in and work on your problems.

  • You could submit the story to a writing competition – some are free to enter.

    You could also see if you can get it printed in a school magazine/ newspaper or something similar where they encourage people to submit their own work.

  • Print it out and give it to a local librarian in a library and ask them nicely to recommend it for people to read.

  • aunties or uncles?

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