Who were the economic winners and losers of World War ?

writeing a paper for school and i can’t find them anywhere can someone help me?

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  • Alex,

    when considering this paper you should consider the $M loan the British took from the USA after the conclusion of the Second World War. This was one matter that the famed Economist John Maynard Keynes worked on and was his last effort before his death in April of .

    Great Britain had suffered with the Victory of the Second World War as much as Germany and Japan suffered with the loss. Being the Victor doesn’t always mean being “wealthy”.

    By the way ~ this loan? It was finally paid off on December . The attached article references that it was “to be paid off” on December but the good British did this days ahead of schedule and in so doing gave a good little boost toward the British Sterling £ exchange rate in the process.

    I hope this helps ~ sometimes its good to see the not so obvious as your best chance of success ~ use this with your paper and watch your teacher smile.


    Source(s): http://news.bbc.co.uk//hi/uk_news/magazine/…

  • I would say the USA was definitly the biggest economic winner of WW. Immediately after WW there

    was a lot of anxiety, because some economists feared that the Great Depression might resume and continue after WW. The USA , however, did very well ie. the USA inherited a kind of new empire of markets, and the GI Bill and suburbia created a new realistic American Dream. The market was strong and expanded and people were flush with new money ready to become new affluent consumers. For example, there were now huge recreational goods markets. Fast Food, automobiles,

    all sorts of consumer items/markets boomed. It’s easy to see the USA as a winner.

    Losers? Britain was truely a winner in the sense it won the war, but in doing so its great empire was lost and reshapen. There was much destruction and much to rebuild. France and Italy were likewise

    in the position of having to rebuild. Germany was flattened and in a way its total destruction helped it to rebuild again at a faster pace. The USSR was devestated; it lost – million people, and considering its millions of losses in the Civil War and WW, it is almost incomprehensible to imagine how that country was altered. However, the USSR’s industry really grew at a rapid rate and was in a sense left intact during the war. The USSR was at a military advantage. It’s MiG fighters and bombers were superior. It’s tanks were superior. It was working quickly to gain nuclear power and was st in Space… Despite the infamous Rosenberg case, the USSR would have developed nukes within a year of any info the Rosenburgs could have provided. Israel was a big winner after the war. Just as Russia suffered an incomprehensible loss durring the war, the jewish people likewise became big winners after the war and became a world-class nation. Japan,likewise had to be totally rebuilt.

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    China , of course, resumed its Civil War/Revolution. The Maoists won, and it is said that finally China was able to shuck off the strangle-hold of foreign occupation – that Mao allowed China to finally stand up as a nation. Some would translate this Revolution as a great win. Others would say it was a great loss. To be honest I believe China is better off today without a Generalissimo Chang Kai Chek and his Blueshirt fascist supporters.

    I would say the biggest winner was the USA. I would say the biggest loser would be a tie between nations like Korea and Vietnam. They had both been hurt by pre-war and post-war colonialism and brutal fighting during WW itself, and then after the war they faced many years of fighting for independence and as being pawns of the Cold War. People now tend to forget that it was only about when the S.Korean economy surpassed N.Korea’s. S.Kprea too went through many years of post war right wing dictatorships.

  • Germany was definetly a huge economic loser at the end their money was worth so little children used it as toys the usa however thrived because through the majority of the war they sold and made planes weapons etc. Everyone was employed and the economy was booming

  • Boeing , Lockheed , Northrop , Raytheon , General Dynamics , BAE systems , EAS systems and other war profiteers who start all wars !!!!!

  • russia and germany- both

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