Why do many racists or bigots not see their own bias?

For example I had a friend say “I am not racist but…” (is it just me, or is that phrase often followed by a racist remark?) … “those damn Mexicans cannot drive worth a damn.” Now IMO to stereotype an entire group of people is biased at very least and racist at worst. To further explain, my friend was referring to Hispanic drivers in America.

Several years ago my old man told me that if I got a haircut that I would attract a better class of women, to which I told him that he was being shallow. Well this seemed to shock and annoy him. It was obvious that he did not see his comment as shallow.

Please do not focus on my example because my question is how can one who is so obviously biased be shocked when said bias is pointed out to them?

I suspect the subjectivity of morality to be the culprit. What are your thoughts?



Does it matter what the statistics are? Is not the generalization of an entire population bias? Anyway I have a hard time believing that Hispanics are inferior to other races when it comes to driving ability.

Update :

There is a difference between generalizing and specifics. To say “some Hispanics do not drive well would be a factual statement… but this can be applied to any race as bad driving is not race specific. I would not make it a matter of race, I would say some people are horrible drivers. To attach a race to it is biased IMO. Believe me, I am an America living in the Vancouver area of Canada and the drivers here are scary in comparison with drivers in Boise Idaho. Why? Because there is far less visible police presence here and far less enforcement of traffic laws. It has nothing to do with race or nationality.

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Update :

Dianne Wallace

My old man was in his late teens early ‘s in the ‘s. He is very conservative and hated all the hippies back in the ‘s. I come of age during the ‘s, the time of Metal and long hair on men.

Being old is a relative term.

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  • because racism is not usually the characteristic of a person who is good at self-analysis or critical thinking.

  • What do the numbers (statistics) say? You can’t know every individual intimately, so you’d be a fool to not use what is known.

    Is not the generalization of an entire population bias? That depends on how generalized your population is? For example, is your population ALL black people or is it all black males between the ages of and wearing a hoodie and peering into ground floor apartment windows in the dark of night?

    You can play pretend all you want that everyone is equal and values the same things you do, but it’s obvious to many that many of these biased views are grounded in fact.

  • Generalization of a population is not bias. For example, all women are mothers, and all men are like children. Black people are like animals, and white people are like machines. This is not racism; black people are more natural, instinctual, act without thinking, spontaneously, show their feelings, and are hot-blooded. White people show a different feeling than what they are actually feeling, have rules for what to do in every situation; like a machine, they follow these rules without being spontaneous, they always think before acting, they are cold-blooded, without as much contact with instinct. Of course some black people are like machines, and some white people are like animals, but in general the assertion is true. Different populations have different characteristics, which sometimes apply to all of them, and other times apply to most of them.

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    The idea that all generalizations are false is a fallacy which was created with political motivation by the left wing. Just because there are differences in every population–some women are like men, and some black people are like white people–doesn’t mean that in general the population is not distinct. Most women are feminine and most black people act black. And although some women are masculine, all women are mothers, and all men are like children. %.

    To answer your main and original question. most people who are biased or racist don’t realize it. If they realize their opinion is wrong, they can’t believe in it anymore, and if they realize that their feelings are biased, they will slowly start changing. Racism is always a kind of bias. So one cannot remain biased or racist and be aware of it.

  • Can you see your own bias? Of course, you must claim that you are not biased – so – why is that?

  • People like these think their comments are valid observations, not bias.

  • How “old” is your “old” man and what exactly does being “old” mean to you.

  • Who died and decided that you are so damn perfect? As if you don’t have any flaws, but you do douchebag.

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