[Blogspot Platform] Sidebar Pushed Down?

Here’s my blog: http://pxmohammadnurbramasta.blogspot.com/

I created the design with Artisteer v., there were no problems on the sidebar if I view the blog with higher resolution laptops, but when I visited my blog with lower resolution laptops ( x ), I saw the sidebar got pushed to the bottom. Can somebody give me a fix?

Some folks said that there might be something wrong with my articles HTML codes, like unclosed tags, I’ve checked it but still got no luck.


I realized that I can view the blog in it’s best form by zooming out the page (I’m using Firefox ), now the question CHANGES: Is there any HTML/Javascript/Other code that can be used to zoom the page automatically according to the screen resolution?

P.S. Sorry for my bad English

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  • You can’t change the sidebar view with these laptops.

    You will need a laptop with a higher resolution screen.

  • my buddy you have substantial div themes, additionally the suggestion is right. detect a tut on div boxing. <div identity=”contentliquid”> <div identity=”leftcolumn”>/div //bear in suggestions default div order ideal left to astounding; so the sidebar div is st <div identity=”content fabric”>/div //provide it some width /div examine your margins and positioned this in you div’s variety (border: sturdy purple px;) each have diff. colour so which you will detect

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