Do I have an over crowded tank?


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    Depends on the dimensions and the filter. I’d say it’s right at the limit and certainly no more room for more fish. However, if you get a water testing kit and check the nitrate you’d know for sure.

  • I would cut down the zebra danios to or so and get rid of the pleco. The Pleco may seem fine but they grow large. Instead of a Pleco add some Cory catfish, they would make a nice addition to your tank and are also a great clean up crew. Oh yeah and if you think “well I’ve had my pleco for a few years and it hasnt grown to fast, I’ll just keep it” don’t. That’s just it’s growth being stunted. I had a common Pleco in a gallon at one time for about years, he didn’t grow much until I realeased him into my gallon pond. After just months he had grown more then ever before. My point is keep the zebra danios and not the pleco as harsh as it sounds.i hoped this helped and good luck!

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  • The Pleco will need to be in a bigger tank probably within a year. The or SO other fish is about fish to many right now. You are going to slowly kill them by having that many in there. It’s obvious your dad knows nothing about fish or how to set up an aquarium. Please do research before you start adding all those fish. I’m not trying to be rude but that is a ton to many my friend. I hope you are doing water changes every – days with that many fish and have a hell of a filter… Good luck

    Source(s): Owned a gallon fresh water aquarium for over years and going strong !

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  • The pleco needs to go. It will grow to two feet long, and needs to be in gallons or more. This is one of those situations where I would use that ” for each gallon. ” of fully grown fish per gallon of water. I’d say don’t add any more fish.

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