How can I draw a really nice Family Tree?

I want to draw a really nice family tree with lots of embellishments and the little branch thingies with the little flowers. The only problem is that it goes back around generations and its around two metres wide. How can I draw it and keep it looking good?

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    You could base it on the fan family tree, which can be extended as much as you need

  • You have found your ancestors back to about AD? What kind of documentation do you have?

    How do you keep track of it? Have you been researching for years?

    This might help with your tree problem.–.html

  • Use a meter ruler to draw grids on it lightly in pencil.

  • Microsoft Visio my friend, just set your page dimensions to the width and lengths you want it and your off

    good luck – good idea as well

  • Use your computer, there are several programs that can set up what you want to do.

    Source(s): Genealgoical researcher + years, and a recent genealogical conference

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