Can you help me calculate my ethnicity percentages ?

Here Is What I Know.

Mom’s Side: Mother is % Spanish, And Father is % German

Dads Side: Mother Is % Spanish %Italian,And Father Is % Spanish % Italian % Armenian

And Another Question. Does My Percentage Mean I am Classified As “WHITE”?

Please And Thank you.


Spanish From Spain Is Considered White European.. Right? Educated

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I need answers not guesses from my appearance.

Update :

alright apparently i cant vote but to river? thanks! i get a lot of people here in California who just assume im Mexican and call me “vato” like this guy over here. and its annoying. but now i know the %.. instead of going half Spanish half Italian.. its till a shocker that people don’t believe im white..

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  • Blanco mi amigo con sangre de hispanola

  • Ok here goes….

    Your mom is % Spanish, % German

    Your dad is % italian, %spanish and % Armenian.

    You are % Italian, % Spanish % German and % armenian

    % Spanish, % Italian, % German and % Armenian.

    I would say you can check the caucasion box on the race question, lol.


    But, it is your choice. You can also go Latino….. Italian and Spanish people have the option of identifying with one or the other.

    Source(s): #Spanish and other Europeans are considered “white”. If you wanna say Hispanic, I would like to point out that in America, on our Census, Hispanics were directed to choose a race (white was an option) that they identified with. Hispanic is officially not a race (though many of my Hispanic friends disagree)

    #- Italians are also considered white.

    #-Germans are most definitely “White”.

    #-Armenians are Caucasian. They are typically referred to, as “Indo-European”.

    Edit: You’re welcome 😉

  • The Spanish are white people.Mexicans usually are a mixture of European(usually Spanish) and Indigenous (the people who were in Mexico before the Europeans arrived. They are considered a Mongoloid race of people. All people originating in Europe, North Africa, the Middle East are considered white caucasian.

    Among the white Spaniards can be blue eyed blonde Castillians or the people of Andalusia who are just about miles across the Straits of Gibraltar from Morocco.

    Whenever you fill out forms you can identify yourself as “white” or “caucasian” or whatever they have classified. I feel the classifications Hispanic and Latino are used in the U.S. to refer to a culture of people who have Spanish names, speak Spanish and usually whose ancestors came from country south of the U.S. Their ancestry might be mostly Indigenous. I don’t think you fit in that category.

    If anyone wants to argue with you tell them to mind their own business.

  • So your .% Spanish, % German, % Italian, and .% Armenian. In terms of race it kind of self-identification thing. Do you think of yourself as white? If so I thing you would be justified in saying you are. You could also probably indentify as White Hispanic. If you want to indentify as just Hispanic you could probably get away with that. Saying Latino might stretch the traditional definition I bit but whatever. Some organization might have more strict definition but forget them.

  • No Vato you look like a ******* spanish person you dont look white to me

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