Hunger Games: What do YOU think happened?

I am a huge fan of the Hunger Games trilogy and I’ve read it numerous times. I loved the epilogue, although I always feel like there’s a huge chunk missing between the last chapter and the epilogue.

) How did Peeta recover, if he ever made a full recovery?

) When did Katniss and Peeta get married?

) What exactly happened to the Capitol?

) What changed in the districts?

) Did the final Hunger Games ever go ahead?

)Was Snow’s grand-daughter put into it?

) Who else was put into it?

) Who won?

) Did/do you agree with Katniss when she said that she wanted a final Hunger Games?

I have mild OCD and this has been driving me crazy so I’d really appreciate some good answers. And yes, I do know that the HG are not real, I just wanted to know what you guys think happened.

~Soph xx

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  • . Peeta got better – he’s a better man for it all and he loves Katniss in a more mature way now. He got psychotherapy for a long while, though.

    . They got married after they were both and things got back to a more normal level. By the way, Haymitch married Gale’s mom and they were very happy together.

    . The Capitol became a good bit less important as the people in the Districts had more control over their own lives and the Capitol people got better at doing things for themselves as opposed to having the Districts do all the work. there was a government with representatives from all the Districts, including the former Capitol. Haymitch represented D for a while and did a very good job after he stopped waving his knife around in people’s faces! Tigris and Caesar Flickerman team up and they do a late-night TV program that is very popular throughout the country. They satirize everybody – especially themselves. All the pods are cleaned up and the muttations placed in a zoo. The Arenas are dismantled and used for parts to fix up the Districts.

    . They had their own elections and their own laws (to a degree) and their own police. There was more inter-district commerce and people could travel more freely between Districts, once things settled down. They all expanded a bit and were able to grow and harvest their own food. They were able to exchange experts to help each District be more self-sufficient. There was less segregation between town and non-town folk. People erected their own houses of worship in thanksgiving and there was much singing and rejoicing. And a lot of work, too!

    . The final Hunger Games was not held, in exchange, the Capitol, as a whole, gave up much of its wealth and that was used as war reparations to rebuild the Districts and in part paid for war memorials in each District and memorials to all the Tributes from all the Games. And to establish D above the ground again.

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    . She became a champion for tolerance and understanding across the nation of NeoPanem so the Capitol populace could feel represented. She became a real friend to Katniss because she reminded her of Prim (don’t they all?).

    . N/A

    . N/A they started having decathlons as part of the Trans-Panem Olympics with the living Tributes on the Board of Directors.

    . No, I felt that was completely out of character for her.

    Source(s): da books – my own imagination.

  • ,) Peeta got better as you could tell by the way he acted when they invaded the Capitol. From when he and Katniss were talking about himself to the moment when he was freaking out because he couldn’t take the pressures of being a mutt anymore. But Katniss told him “Stay with me” and he remembered and said “Always” just like he did in the second book when the sleeping syrup was putting her under.

    .) When doesn’t really matter. All that matters is that Katniss really loves Peeta and not Gale and Peeta and Katniss are happy together. All the people of TEAM PEETA were right!!! (including me)

    .) Nothing really happened to the Capitol. Everyone just became equal I guess.

    .) I don’t think much changed in the districts.

    .) No the Hunger Games ended. No more children killing children. No more victors.

    .) No Snow’s grnadaughter was not put into the Hunger Games because there was no more Hunger Games.

    .) No one else. No more Hunger Games.

    .) The rebels won. No more Hunger Games!

    .) No I did not. But I can except why she would’ve wanted another Hunger Games just for the Capitol’s children. Because her sister was killed. Because of Snow. Because of Coin. Because of Gale. Who knows who did it and why…

    The Hunger games are over. Snow and Coin are dead. There’s a new president, one whom everyone can trust not to continue the stupid Reapings and Games. Peeta and Katniss had children together. I’m happy with the ending.

    Source(s): The person who read all three books!!!

  • / I thought it was pretty clear that he never did make a full recovery. He learnt to live with the issues and have a better control on them, but he’s deeply traumatised and has to keep working at it for the rest of his life.

    / Later, when they got older. When doesn’t matter much.

    / Someone else was elected. I’m guessing the culture hasn’t changed much, but there are no more hunger games.

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    / Less exploitation, no more hunger games.

    / No, it didn’t. That was the point of Katniss killing President Coin.

    / Nope.

    / Nobody.

    / No more games, so no victors.

    / I disagreed and was glad to see she did not actually want a final Hunger Games, but only said it to throw President Coin off her trail and kill her.

    All that is either said or implied.

  • ) It clearly states he recovered, but not completely fully.

    ) Who knows?

    ) Nothing. Everyone seemingly lived in peace.

    ) They aren’t living in extreme poverty anymore, and children no longer have to die. They are finally happy.

    ) Huh?

    ) Not that i know of… but maybe

    ) Anyone really, who knows

    ) Who knows

    ) I do. The capitol deserved a little taste of their pathetic medecine.

  • No the action picture grow to be based interior the destiny. the international had a nuclear fallout and rebuilt itself or something like that so the relax areas of united states of america of america positioned this jointly to coach that the government nevertheless has administration.

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