Is this a good plot for a horror book?

The book is called “Nightmares” and is about a young man named Adam Wilson,he has repeated nightmares about monsters.His mom thinks something is seriously wrong with him after seeing a drawing of one group of creatures he calls “the suffering” (Deformed creatures with multiple tentacles and no arms) and takes him to see a psychologist.He can’t find anything wrong with Adam.A few days later he’s in high school walking down a deserted corridor after detention when he sees one of “the suffering” it chases him for a few minutes and then,when Adam gets outside,the creature disintegrates from being in the sunlight.He repeatedly sees more of the creatures and realizes that his nightmares are coming to life,only he and a friend Aisha Scott can stop them as she has the same nightmares.This is only an Idea and nothing is set in stone yet I just want an honest opinion about the current plan.

If you have any Ideas (Monsters,characters Etc.) add them on and I’ll see if I can add them.


The book is aimed at teenagers and his nightmares are set in an abandoned version of his hometown (To be confirmed) a few years later(Probably the industrial part of a city like Detroit).

another monster I have an Idea for are the “stalkers” faceless monsters that dwell in the shadows and make very little noise.

Update :

another Idea:Demons,small children who swarm their targets with large claws

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  • It sounds like it’s a good start. I don’t see a whole lot of horror factor yet (some of that would also depend on your targeted audience), then again, I also don’t know things like what the dreams are going to look like very well. I’d say work on the horror factor and you might have something.

  • It’s ok, don’t make it to cheesy and predictable, nice idea though! 🙂

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