Who is your favorite fictional character?

I’m only asking because for my public speaking class I have to give a eulogy for a fictional character. I was thinking like Darth Vader, Loki (from the Avengers), someone from LOTR, or I don’t know. Does anyone have good ideas?

And I’m asking this in Books and authors because I like you guys the best 😀

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  • Katniss Everdeen for the Hunger Games. Shes such a strong, bold, confident character. She has great survival skills and shes a wonderful role model for all girls and women out there. I myself thinks shes amazing and I look up to her. Good luck! Hope this helps! 🙂

  • For me, it’s a tie between Lestat from Anne Rice’s Queen Of The Damned and Judas Coyne from Joe Hill’s Heart Shaped Box.

  • Cinna from The Hunger Games. He’s so nice helpful and down to earth. I fell for him reading the st book<

  • Sasuke Uchiha.

  • Totally HAYMITCH from the HUNGER GAMES! “Let me get this straight: your gonna die and theres nothing I can do about it!” He is really funny and a great character. The book where you’ll get the most info on him is ‘the hunger games’ by suzzane collins.

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  • Quint from Jaws… would make a good fictional character to eulogize.



    p.s. you could play the Jaws tune in the background…:)

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  • I have so many. I think the flavor of the moment is Biff from “Lamb” by Chris Moore

  • Heimlich, the fat caterpillar from Disney’s Bug’s Life (“Somebody I will be a beautiful butterfly and everything will be ok.”) He’s my idol.

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  • i like kelsy from the tiger’s curse. love that she’s a strong female character and doesn’t rely on others.

  • itsuki from the anime Shuffle!

    hes hilarious

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