movie star, artist should be allowed to participates in the election?

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if you yes why?

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  • They are citizens of the United States, and as such have just as much right to participate in the election process as anyone else.

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  • Yes. I heard from Rosie O’Donnell and Jeanine Garraffalo (sp?, thank god) that being a movie start/artist actually gives you this super human ability to know even more about politics than average folk.

  • Only a stupid celebrity would visably participate in an election campaign. No matter the result you are bound to alienate half of your audience.

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  • Not sure what you mean by participate, everyone is entitled to an opinion but if you actually mean run for election and/or vote, sure. As long as they are citizens of course.

  • I’m positive that you are a star gazing sycophant, who’s servile attitude would be better served dishing broth at the soup kitchen.

  • If they have common sense, know who and what they’re voting for, and have good intentions for the country, by all means.

    I don’t think the people who don’t truly pay attention to what they’re voting for should be allowed to vote, because our country is at stake.

  • Yeah, but expect a backlash from some of your fans. I had to hear all the liberal nut jobs celebrities spew their crap. Unfortunately most of them are lib to begin with.

  • why would they be banned from participating in election?

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