MS Word – colour background?

How do I do different colour backgrounds on one page? Say I want a part of a page to be green and the rest to be white. Is that possible?

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  • You can use text boxes, and set the text to flow from one box to another. Each text box can have its own background, and you can turn off the border if you just want text in a colored rectangle.

    You can use a whole page image positioned “behind the text” and have that supply the color. That has the advantage that you don’t need the color changes to have rectangular boundaries, or be exactly aligned with the text, for a “desktop publishing” look. The disadvantage is that it takes some tinkering to get the look the way you want,

    I’d use a layered edtor like gimp, or photo$hop, and put a capture of the page text in a foreground layer, with the white background cleared to transparency, and then “paint” on a solid background layer. That’ lets me see the text and colors at the same time. Then, I’d save the background only to an image file to be used in the document. That gets the full typeset quality text from Word in the final document, but still lets me see the whole page layout while painting the background.

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