Pointe shoes? Easy points :)?

I’ve been doing ballet for about a year (doing my grade exam this month) . I really want some pointe shoes just to practice in at home, wear around the house and use them for photography.I was going to get sansha soft block Demi pointe shoes. Would this be ok?

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  • First off, the pointe shoes that you are looking at are Demi pointes. These should not be used for pointe work. They should only be used to get the feel of an actual pointe shoe. If you go en pointe with these, it may cause damage and/or injury.

    Also, if your instructor has not told you to go en pointe yet, you shouldn’t go en pointe. That would be foolish and dangerous. Even if you want to wear them for the looks of them, it may cause urges to do pointe work.

    You should just wait until you have the permission of a qualified dance instructor.

    @Flor: you are not a professional ballet dancer or a ballerina. A ballerina is the principle female dancer of a company. If you were a professional ballet dancer, you would not have the time for this site.

    Source(s): Pre professional ballet student. I train – hours a week plus rehearsals. I have been en pointe for years.

  • Unfortunately, I cannot answer your question regarding that particular make of shoe, as you would need to be professionally fitted to make that decision. Every brand and style of demi pointe and full pointe shoe has a differently shaped platform, and vamp, and some even have a soft shank, all of which affect the fit of the shoe.

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    Even demi pointe shoes will affect the way that you walk and perform. This is why the demi soft-box shoes are often recommended for students ready to move up to pointe; the student can spend a few months strengthening their feet and ankles, and becoming used to the different feel of the shoe during releve, jete, and battement, prior to graduating to full pointe work.

    Please speak to your instructors about whether they recommend that you take this step, as you may be able to also use the shoes in class to help you prepare. Additionally, they will likely recommend a reputable shop for your first fitting.

    If they say no, then listen to them! Ballet is a sport, and you should respect the advice of your trainers with deference to their impartial observation and superior years of experience.

    Best of luck to you! ( years of ballet)

  • OK HUN if you want to wear pointe shoes you need to be ready for them! i wear pointe shoes already im a ballerina!!!! i have been a ballerina for about years!!! and hunny y recomend you not to wear pointe shoes if your not ready!!!!! and definetly not because youre in rd grade you bearly even know about pointe shoes techniques and you can brake a bone so if i were you i wouldnt!!! but here comes the other part if you say its only gonna be for a photograph go on and use them but i recomend you not to get them on pointe!!!!!! and if you brake a bone or something youre not going to be able to do ballet!!!!!!!!! so i recommend you not to wear them or unless you talk with your instructure and tell her or him to help you with the photography!!!! take care hun

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    Source(s): me im a professional ballerina!

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